Izabel Olson


Izabel Olson was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Izabel is a PhD in Education with a background in the health and wellness sector that includes experience with dance, holy yoga, health coaching, and competitive body building. Izabel has had a lifelong commitment to education teaching for ten years before being admitted to Northwestern University where she earned her Ph.D. in the Learning Sciences. Back in Brazil, Izabel led the IT department for the British School managing a budget of a million reais and developed the bilingual curriculum implemented nationally at Escola Anglo Americano. At Northwestern, she explored the link between culture and cognition with low-income students in Brazil. Unfortunately, Izabel grew disillusioned with academia as she experiences resistance to change. In 2014, upon earning her PhD, she decided that the best way to create an impact was by working at the grass-roots’ level. Having been a lifelong fitness enthusiast, she began teaching holy yoga at the Cook County Jail in 2015. In this role, Izabel found out that 70% of incarcerated women are survivors of trafficking. As she experienced first hand the benefits of meditation and trauma-sensitive holy yoga on the female inmates, she felt the nudge to do something more meaningful using her background in Education and passion for health and wellness. This was the beginning of the Salt and Light Coalition.


Honorable Judge Rosemary Higgins (Ret)

Judge Rosemary Higgins was a felony court Judge at 26th & California. As a judge, Rosemary developed and presided over the award winning WINGS court (Women in Need of Gender Specific Services).  Launched in 2011, this intensive two-year program gives women who are arrested and plead guilty to prostitution charges, the opportunity to attend rehabilitation and receive counseling and job training. A spinoff from WINGS, “Prostitution Anonymous” offers courses and mentoring programs so those women who have graduated, can inspire those who are in treatment. She has chaired Saint Xavier University’s School for Continuing Education and Professional Studies Advisory Council leading a team of professionals with fund-raising efforts and developing credit and non-credit programs. She served as the Co-Chair of the Criminal Justice Committee for the Women’s Bar Association and was appointed by the Illinois Supreme Court to the Capital Litigation Bar Screening Committee.  Despite her retirement from the courts in 2015, Rosemary continues her advocacy for humanity, serving on the Illinois Juvenile Justice Leadership Council, as an Adjunct Professor at The John Marshall Law School, as a member of Saint Xavier University’s President’s Advisory Council, and now as a board of Directors member for Salt and Light Coalition.


Brooke Boon

A yoga practitioner since 1998, Brooke founded Holy Yoga, an international 501C3 Non-Profit Ministry in 2006. She is the creator of Holy Yoga’s 95, 225 and 500 hour instructor training programs and facilitates the education and certification of hundreds of Holy Yoga instructors annually worldwide.

Brooke is the author of Holy Yoga: Exercise For the Christian Body and Soul and co-author of Hatha Yoga Illustrated.  When she is not raising her babes or pursuing adventure, you can find her serving as Executive Director of Holy Yoga TV and  President of the Board at Holy Yoga.

Tony Olson

Tony Olson is the owner and chief executive officer of SPINS, one of the fastest growing and most disruptive data and digital companies in North America. Tony has been recognized for his leadership as one of the most influential kingmakers among consumer and retail companies in Forbes and as a Midwest finalist for EY's Entrepreneur of the Year award.

SPINS’ mission is to expand the presence and accessibility of products that foster healthier, more vibrant living with good nutrition. As the premier thought leader and trusted advisor in health & wellness, SPINS partners with thousands of brands and over 100,000 retail locations. In addition to its business-driven impact, Tony brings SPINS’ mission to life as a champion of its groundbreaking corporate wellness program, Vibrancy360, which drives a multi-faceted approach to health and facilitates employee engagement and community service across the greater Chicagoland area.

Clerk Valencia

Anna Valencia was sworn into office as the Clerk of the City of Chicago on January 25, 2017. Valencia began her career with the City of Chicago as an Assistant to Mayor Emanuel as a part of the Legislative Counsel and Government Affairs (LCGA) team. Next, Valencia worked as an Illinois political professional in several positions including, serving as Campaign Manager for U.S. Senator Dick Durbin’s re-election campaign, Senior Advisor for Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s re-election campaign, Deputy Director of the Illinois Senate Democratic Victory Fund, a Communications Staffer for State Senate President John Cullerton, and Field Director for both Mike Quigley for Congress (IL-05) and Gary Peters for Congress (MI-09). Most recently, Anna served as the Director of LCGA. Valencia grew up in Granite City, Illinois and earned her degree in International Studies from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. She currently resides in the City with her husband and dog.




Trina Fresco

Trina M. Fresco is a passionate leader who promotes the idea that what connects us is far greater than that which divides us. Trina brings people together to celebrate humanity through the teams that she cross-functionally leads to over-deliver on corporate missions of being the best in industry and the most impactful in community. In her broad experience within D&I, MarCom, Operations and Sales, she has always used a data-driven, strategic approach derived from a pursuit of learning, humility, and respect. Trina recognizes the tremendous need for simplistic kindness in our lives; and how this small shift in perception can make our corporate culture, and our community , a better place where teams and residents can thrive. After all, honoring our past as a company and a person will only unify our futures. As a strong collective; she believes we can motivate our teams, inspire our community, and win big globally. Having had three children under the age of three at one point in her life, Trina and her husband George, try to keep things calm with their incredible family in Chicago’s Little Italy.


Marcela Almeida

Dr. Almeida joined Brigham and Women's Hospital, a Harvard University Teaching Hospital in 2017.  She is currently an Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School and a Psychiatrist at the hospital. Prior to that she was at the University of Illinois at Chicago as the director of the Women’s Mental Health inpatient service, the largest in Illinois and among the largest in the country. She treats women with psychiatric manifestations related to their reproductive cycle, including infertility and pregnancy loss, pregnancy, postpartum events, breastfeeding, and menopause. In addition to her clinical work, she is passionate about teaching her residents and medical students and is involved with research. Marcela won a Fellowship Award in 2010 at the World Association for Social Psychiatry meeting, was instructor of the year at University of Chicago in 2012, and has published many articles in peer-reviewed journals.




Nefertiti George

At an early age, Nefertiti George learned that true wealth is found in relationship. She understood the importance of people and their need to not only be heard but listened to.  As the years progressed, graduating from Simpson University with a Bachelor’s in Psychology, her heart began to ignite and burn with a desire to see all women prosper. Having worked and volunteered at various nonprofits in the sexual assault and domestic violence field for more than a decade, she can honestly say that women are not only surviving but thriving. Born in the Bronx, raised in the United States Virgin Islands and California, has shaped her into a grateful, funny and uplifting woman. She has been in Chicago for two years now and is still debating on the Cubs or the White Sox and wonders, can’t all Chicagoans cheer for both?