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My life has been full of challenges: I was homeless, I grew up without the guidance of my father, and I had a child at 18. But, no matter how challenging my life was, I could always see a light at the end of the tunnel. For me, this light was my education, a strong and supportive mother, my spirituality, and my passion for health and wellness. At the end, I was still able to build a successful career, find a loving husband, build a healthy family, and pursue my PhD with a full scholarship from Northwestern University. I started Salt and Light coalition when I entered the jail system to teach yoga because it was the first time in my life that I saw complete darkness. Despite my vast experience with vulnerable populations in Brazil, there was something so dark that took hold of these women as a result of being victims of sex trafficking. I felt a call to do more.

Living through darkness, I knew first hand how spirituality, health and wellness, and a supportive environment could serve as light. I started volunteering at shelters for trafficked women and saw an opportunity to make a difference. While several organizations provided residential services, a traditional drop off in services made it almost impossible to find jobs and thrive.

As an organization we seek to remediate that. We manifest sustainable change through a yearlong trauma-sensitive holy yoga program with the dual goal of lifelong healing and empowering women to have careers in the wellness sector. We ensure our participants are positioned to succeed by offering a stipend and CTA card to avoid the leading causes of recidivism to the sex trade; financial pressures and lack of job training. We empower our participants into balanced bio/psycho/ social / spiritual individuals through an innovative and holistic curriculum focused on holy yoga, fitness, nutrition, and spirituality with the ultimate goal of job readiness.

We seek to become light and base our operations on the biblical principles of Matthew 5:13-16.

We are Salt.

We are Light.

And thanks to you, we are a coalition.

We are happy that you are here and welcome you to the Salt & Light Coalition.