We provide a biphasic one-year program to cohorts of five participants.

With financial pressures and lack of job training as the leading causes of recidivism into the sex trade, our structured program gives women the support and skills they need to find freedom through a paid stipend, paid transportation costs, and curriculum centered around spirituality, health and wellness.

In the first phase participants learn skills they can use to overcome trauma. We believe in a biopsychosocial-spiritual individual and our holistic curriculum targets all of these aspects. In the second phase, participants are mentored by an expert in their field of choice and are given the support to attend training to become holy yoga teachers, personal trainers, or another profession in the health and wellness sector of their choice.


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Phase 1


3 hours a day for 6 months

Women are paid a stipend and given a CTA card.

We use trauma-sensitive yoga to heal PTSD symptoms and cope with anxiety and depression.

We show the benefits of a consistent exercise program for their mental and overall physical health. They are exposed to a wide variety of exercise modalities.

We cook and share healthy food to understand the effects of nutrition on anxiety, depression, and overall health.

Women discuss spiritual concepts including joy, love, and service to others.

Spirituality helps victims of trauma construct alternative narratives making them more resilient and able to deal with trauma.


Phase 2


3 hours a day for 6 months

Women are paid a stipend and given a CTA card.

Women attend a 200hr yoga teacher training for 20 weeks learning teaching techniques and methodology, yoga philosophy, anatomy, and yoga business and marketing.

They undergo a 6 week practicum where they offer free yoga classes to the community to practice the concept of seva (service).

Each woman is placed as a teacher at a partner organization & an affiliate yoga studio and is mentored throughout the first six months of her first job.

Participants may choose to pursue other opportunities within the Health and Wellness sector as well.